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Beat the Odds: 20 Defining Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Beat the Odds: 20 Defining Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs
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ISBNs:  9781846211119 ePub / 1102 PDF
Year Published:  2011
Author:  Pearce Flannery
ePub ebook:  7.07
PDF ebook:  7.07

Create Your Own RealityCreate Your Own Reality


Successful entrepreneurs are neither unique nor especially gifted but they are special.

They are special because they have made themselves special. They have worked on their skills.

I believe that all of the core skills as exhibited by entrepreneurs are learnt disciplines, not a preordained quality that somehow depends on our genetic makeup. From my experiences in writing the book, Grabbing the Oyster!, I have documented the characteristics that all successful entrepreneurs exhibit to some degree. I believe these characteristics provide an excellent yardstick by which to evaluate your personal position vis-à-vis preparing yourself to succeed in business. If you do not believe you can mirror some, if not all, of the traits as outlined then perhaps it is time for some concerted critical self-evaluation.

By developing these skills, you will not be guaranteed success in business. But you are guaranteed that you will be in a better position than you are now to achieve your goals.

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