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Quick Win HR Ireland: Answers to your top HR ireland questions

Quick Win HR Ireland: Answers to your top HR ireland questions
Our Price:  €14.95(VAT Free)

ISBNs:  9781904887805 Pb / 812 ePub
Year Published:  2011
Author:  Angela Carr
Paperback:  14.95
ePub ebook:  9.25


QUICK WIN HR IRELAND is aimed at owners and managers of small businesses and others in the workplace who manage staff, as well as HR practitioners. It provides concise, yet informative, answers to the most frequently asked questions about HR and staff issues in an Irish context. It provides simple and practical guidance that can be readily applied. And, for the old-hand, it provides an ideal opportunity to take stock and consider your talents in the light of best practice HR principles.

Like other titles in the QUICK WIN series, QUICK WIN HR IRELAND is designed so that you can dip in and out of the content as the need arises to search for answers to your top HR questions. There are five sections:

  • HR Basics covers key human resource issues applicable to virtually every organisation;
  • Before Employment looks at the issues arising in advance of employing staff – primarily, but not limited to recruitment;
  • During Employment covers a wide range of issues likely to arise during an individual’s employment, across policy, procedures, performance management, leave and responsibilities for health and safety and dignity at work;
  • After Employment focuses on the reality of termination of employment – when and how and the issues that might arise afterwards;
  • HR Management looks at HR’s higher level responsibilities to the organisation it serves.

In addition, using the grid in the Contents section, you can search for questions and answers across a range of topics:

  • Communication;
  • Development;
  • Management;
  • Pay & Benefits;
  • Policy & Procedures;
  • Recruitment; and
  • Termination.

And, where appropriate, answers cross-reference to other questions for a fuller explanation or more information.

QUICK WIN HR IRELAND is also available as an iPhone app.


The Quick Win series is available in hard copy, in e-book format and as apps. All the books are quick guides for the businessman and student and deal with a variety of subjects concerned with business promotion and marketing. Oak Tree Press have hit on a winning formula by getting an expert, usually an academic, in some field of marketing to pose and answer 100 questions. The questions cover every aspect of the subject and the answers are straightforward and to the point. All the books are similar in layout and design, with the information arranged in boxes. The contents are clever in guiding the reader by themes as well as by topics. 

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