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Social Enterprise in Ireland: A People's Economy?

Social Enterprise in Ireland: A People's Economy?
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ISBNs:  9781781190708 Pb / 0715 ePub
Year Published:  2012
Author:  Gerard Doyle and Tanya Lalor
Paperback:  24.95
ePub ebook:  14.98


Ireland has a strong history of social economy organisations and collective action, noted by such organisations as the GAA, the agricultural co-operative movement, and the credit union movement.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE IN IRELAND: A PEOPLE'S ECONOMY? aims to examine the concept of social enterprise, and what part it can play in the renewal of our economy and in addressing key issues facing Irish society. The economic context of Ireland provides an opportunity for communities to reconsider their relationship to their local economies, and to take an active role in shaping them, through social enterprise development.

Its thrust is to highlight to community and voluntary organisations, policy-makers and academics the potential of social enterprise in providing employment, strengthening the local economy and enabling communities to have greater self-determination.


Contributor and editor biographies


Social enterprise and the origin of the term

Social enterprise and social economy


The status of social enterprise in Ireland


Current and emerging policy

1      Social enterprise in context in Ireland / Michael Punch


Mapping alternative economic spaces

The social economy and Irish development

Reflections: Contested economic spaces


2      Social enterprise or social entrepreneurship: economic solidarity or market hegemony? / Deiric Ó Broin


The historical context

Building a model of economic solidarity

Market-oriented social innovation

Questioning the role of social enterprise and social entrepreneurs


3       Social enterprise and the green economy / Gerard Doyle


The rationale for renewable energy

Community renewable energy in Denmark

Community renewable energy in Scotland

Community renewable energy in Ireland


4      Support for social enterprises / Tom Daly, Gerard Doyle and Tanya Lalor


The barriers to social enterprise development

The types of supports required

The delivery of supports

The role of a local support structure

The role of a national support structure

The implications for the State


5      Social enterprise in action – A Traveller organisation’s experience / Anne Costello, Margaret O’Riada and Martin Ward


The Galway Traveller Movement

The context and rationale for social enterprise development

Social enterprise – one response to traveller unemployment

A strategic approach to social enterprise development

The Traveller Enterprise Development Unit

Current activities


6      Housing – an engine for social enterprise / Chris White



Lessons for Ireland – emerging practice and issues

An alternative to the traditional approach to regeneration

Voluntary housing associations and social enterprise – opportunities and threats


7      Procurement and social enterprise / Tanya Lalor


Social procurement – definitions and practice

The arguments for social contracting

The legal basis for public procurement – EU law

Case law and its implications for social procurement

Some policy drivers that can promote social procurement

The procurement context in Ireland


8      Finance and social enterprise / Kieron Brennan


The barriers to accessing finance

Innovative financial tools used by the sector

Policy and practical measures required to address these barriers


9      The private sector and social enterprise – a case study of Waterford / Senan Cooke and Helen Kavanagh


The potential has yet to be tapped

A step change is required

Waterford Local Economic Development Company and Waterford Crystal Ltd

DFBA Community Enterprises and Waterford Crystal Ltd

Conclusions – gaining the best from both worlds

10      Social enterprise in Sweden and Scotland: local and national responses / Tor Justad





11      The European Union as a champion for social enterprise / Erdmuthe Klaer-Morselli


Social economy/social enterprise and the EU – setting the framework

The European Parliament resolution on the social economy

Social Business Initiative

European social entrepreneurship funds

Regional policy


12      Co-operatives – what relevance now? / Bridget Carroll, Olive McCarthy and Mary O’Shaughnessy


The current status of co-operatives in Ireland

Agricultural co-ops

Credit unions

Workers’ co-operatives

Housing co-operatives

Assessing the achievement of co-operatives in Ireland

The challenges facing co-operatives in Ireland today

Co-operatives and social enterprise

The policy context for co-operatives


Conclusions – the way forward for social enterprise



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