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The Transformation Roadmap: Accelerating Organisation Growth

The Transformation Roadmap: Accelerating Organisation Growth
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ISBNs:  9781781190357 Pb / 0364 ePub
Year Published:  2012
Author:  Paul Mooney
Paperback:  20.00
ePub ebook:  11.99

Fog Clearance: Mapping the Boundary between Coaching & CounsellingFog Clearance: Mapping the Boundary between Coaching & Counselling


At the core of THE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP is a practical approach to support line managers in navigating organisational change, a satnav for scoping and accelerating change projects. It provides an instruction booklet – a guide to moving your organisation from A (today) to B (tomorrow) – bridging the gap between theory and practice. The book describes how change is managed in real organisational settings – based on an underpinning model of how effective organisations work. The model is grounded in Tandem Consulting’s collective experience, both in Ireland and internationally, of managing hundreds of individual change projects across a range of commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

THE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP explores three stages that occur in all successful change journeys – developing an overall change strategy, choosing specific change targets and systematic change implementation. It represents a stripped-down approach that is simple, but effective. It has been tested and refined in a variety of settings (for example, in the technology, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals and public service sectors) and uses actual case studies of both successful and unsuccessful change management projects.




1: Introduction


2: How Do Organisations Work?

3: What Exactly Is Organisation Change?’


4: Developing the Core Rationale

5: Choosing a Change Management Strategy

6: Choosing a Change Architecture


7: Choosing Key Change Levers              


8: Human Responses to Change

9: Building Senior Team Change Capability      

10: Conclusions                


A: The Tandem Consulting Approach

B: Sample Interview Protocol for Initial Diagnostic Reviews

C: ‘Future Proof’: Building a High Performance Operation: Detailed Change Communication for Staff

D: Employee Engagement Survey

E: Turning Crisis into Opportunity: Lessons in  Change Management at Lucent Technologies


THE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP is the 10th book from Paul Mooney, an organisational development consultant trained in industrial sociology, industrial relations and organisational and individual change. It is useful because this is an Irish-focused study. “For many years I have argued that Irish managers are overly reliant on organisational concepts and change models developed in other countries,” he writes.

Few Irish executives (or other workers) would like to wear the ‘GE is Me’ T-shirts he saw in General Electric in Ohio – the case studies peppered through the book demonstrate how to harness the humour (and cynicism) that is an integral part of the Irish culture.

The case studies are excellent – honest and revealing. When Irish Rail had improved its rolling stock and tracks, it set to its customer service, and research revealed some scathing attitudes: customer experience “a hotchpotch”, punctuality “we need to run on time-no excuses, signage “hard to know where we are”. Mooney shows the steps taken to approach the problem and seek a solution.

A supplier of ready-made meals was facing strong staff resistance to change. The problem turned out to be literacy – people were afraid of their weakness being revealed, afraid of being exposed. In this case, the steps taken were psychological, to help people find their way through the problem and come to terms with change.

A new CEO in Bord na Móna wanted to upskill his managers. Here, the ‘leadership for results’ broke out the skills needed into three groups and tackled them. Statoil needed to change from selling petrol to being a mini-supermarket. The EBS has a huge ‘strategy game’ painted on the floor of one room to teach staff the firm’s reasons for its strategic choices.

A fascinating book, and full of gems for every Irish manager.

Lucille Redmond, The Market


Essential reading for any manager who needs to get under the bonnet of organisational transformation. The author has the distinction of having successfully implemented complex change initiatives across a range of sectors.

Michael McDonnell, Managing Director Ireland, CIPD


A practical, no-nonsense guide which combines theory, case studies and models for future use. THE TRANSFORMATION ROADMAP is a brilliant study of how performance can be improved through the effective management of change.

Laura Burke, Director General, Environmental Protection Agency


Mooney continues to shine a penetrating light into practices which differentiate successful from unsuccessful organisations. This latest effort, based on real cases, provides an insightful exploration into how even the most thorny change problems can be successfully tackled.

Brendan McGinty, Director of IR & HR Services, IBEC


Paul has condensed his insights into a very readable and engaging piece of work which will be the reference book on change for a long time to come.

Richard Broderick, CEO, KAL Industries


Having been on the receiving end of this wisdom, I confirm that this stuff works in the real world. I’m a fan.

Fergus Clancy, Chief Executive, Mater Private Healthcare

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