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Troubled Times: Investing through the Troika Years

Troubled Times: Investing through the Troika Years
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ISBNs:  9781781191330 PB
Year Published:  2013
Author:  John Looby
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Sixty Shades of Sunday: Investment ThoughtsSixty Shades of Sunday: Investment Thoughts


The past three years have been particularly painful in Ireland. From the extraordinary boom of the Tiger period, the devastating bust that followed forced the country into a humiliating programme of financial support from the so-called Troika.

As we emerge from this unprecedented period of external oversight, it is timely to take stock and reflect on the issues that have dominated this troubled time. The need for opinions that question the conventional has rarely seemed as important.

TROUBLED TIMES brings together John Looby's opinion pieces across a range of publications since the eve of the Troika descending on Dublin up to their recent departure.





1            History Teaches There’s No Avoiding Bubble Trouble

2            A Political Case for Irish Bonds

3            Global Lending Imbalance Makes Equities Attractive

4            Risk is Unavoidable with Investment in Banks

5            Latvia Has Shown that Debt Default Is Not the Only Answer

6            Let’s Not Risk Shattering the Magnificent Illusion that is the Modern Banking System

7            Time to Find an Answer to Ireland’s Funding Fix

8            Any Threat to the Dollar’s Status Could Harm US Investments

9            Ignore the Prophets of Fiscal Doom and Go for the Double

10          Sidestep Hope and Get Turned On by Utilities

11          Don’t Believe the Hype, Do Your Own Research

12          Enda, Time to Put Some Skin in the Game

13          When Economic Boom Turns to Bust, Blame It on Nixon

14          Fed’s Response May Highlight Its Weakness

15          Without Trust, the Banks Are Stuck

16          Block Out the Noise and Select Investments with Real Meaning

17          European Central Bank Must Act to Rein in Unruly Herd

18          Debt Crisis Will Be Over If Europe’s Word Is Its Bond

19          Troika Isn’t Strangling Us, It’s Our Safety Net for Sovereignty

20          Euro-Zone Needs a NAMA to Survive

21          The Challenge of Value Investing

22          Following the Herd Can Be a Dangerous Game

23          The Number’s Up for Flawed Risk Formula

24          Never Mind the Investment Gurus – Buffett Is Your Man

25          Conflicting Theories and Ireland

26          Fiscal Treaty: The Longer View

27          Germans Still Haunted by Nightmare Inflation of 1920s

28          The Germans Have Turned the Tide in Our Economic Waterloo

29          The Euro Outlook – What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

30          Time To Be Wary of the Queen’s Shilling

31          The Geithner Doctrine Favours Stocks

32          It Is Simple: When Money is Easy Come, It’s Even Easier Go

33          Soviet Experience Should Be Red Flag Signal to Central Planners

34          Why Value Investing Won’t Fall Flat

35          What the Premier League Teaches Investors

36          Don’t Forget the Lessons of LTCM

37          Allocating Funds is Still a Tricky Balancing Act

38          Join the Stock Market Rally but Steer Clear of the Herds

39          Why It’s Time to Cry “MAMA”

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