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How Entrepreneurs Think: It's Never About the Money

How Entrepreneurs Think: It's Never About the Money
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ISBNs:  9781781191569 Pb / 1576 ePub / 1590 PDF
Year Published:  2015
Author:  Frank McCarthy
Paperback:  12.95
ePub ebook:  7.75
PDF ebook:  7.75


HOW ENTREPRENEURS THINK: IT'S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY is the story of an entrepreneur, written by an entrepreneur for people who want to become entrepreneurs. Frank McCarthy has always been an entrepreneur: from the age of eight, he was out on the streets of Dublin selling ‘painted sticks’. Blessed with an ability to see solutions where others only see problems, Frank developed his early career as a salesman before deciding to strike out on his own to great success.

HOW ENTREPRENEURS THINK: IT'S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY offers sensible, solid advice to anyone who ever thought about starting their own business – but was afraid to do so. Frank’s favourite quote is: “Fear knocked on my door. Faith answered and there was no one there”.

And the book is endorsed by no less than Dermot Desmond and Denis O’Brien, who say:

HOW ENTREPRENEURS THINK: IT'S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY is the accumulation of the knowledge that Frank learnt from working in the British Leyland assembly plant, to being one of Ireland’s first photocopier salesmen, to establishing his building services business. It demonstrates why he is such a natural entrepreneur, with a gift for recognising opportunities in the fast-moving world we live in now. Dermot F Desmond

We all recall that first bicycle ride, especially the falling off part! But the determination to get back on the bike with bruised knee and battered ego is what matters most. Then there is the exhilaration of the wind blowing in your face as you freewheel down the road, having got back on the saddle. The road of life is no different. I hope many young women and men interested in business read HOW ENTREPRENEURS THINK: IT'S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY. They will learn so much. Denis O'Brien





1: A Call to Arms

2: Painted Sticks

3: Criticism is Confession

Panel: The Junkyard Dog and the Poodle

4: Milking It

5: Leaving School to Get an Education

Panel: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

6: Learning to Sell

7: The Omega Syndrome

Panel: It’s Broken

8: The Sallins Train Robbery

Panel: The Business Boat

9: Petticoat Lane

10: Cleaning Up

Panel: Seeing What Others Can’t See

11: A Foot in the Door

12: The ‘Guinness Fiver’

13: Just Do It

Panel: Finding the Positive in the Negative

14: Expect the Unexpected

15: Redundancy and Rebirth

Panel: The Seasoning Principle

16: Challenges

17: Especially for Students

Afterword: Why I Wrote This Book

Frank McCarthy