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Work, Ethics & Organisational Life

Work, Ethics & Organisational Life
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ISBNs:  9781781192191 PB / 2207 ePub / 2221 PDF
Year Published:  2016
Author:  John Cullen
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WORK, ETHICS & ORGANISATIONAL LIFE is written from a multidisciplinary perspective, with personal ethical development at its core.

The guiding pedagogical principle of the text is that of a ‘learning journey’. Rather than being prescriptive or descriptive, the text is reflective. Readers are encouraged to think of their engagement with ethical frameworks from the outset, and then to apply these as lenses through which people typically engage with organisations: as managers, employees, consumers and stakeholders not directly engaged with corporations.

There are three main parts to the book:

  • The introductory chapters offer a general introduction to the concept of ethics, to help readers learn more about ethical theory, its relationship to business and management, and to their own personal development.
  • The second section takes readers through various stages of working life and examines how ethical issues arise at each stage, discussing the contributions of key ethicists, to deepen readers’ understanding of ethical theory and its importance to their own career planning and development.
  • The third section looks at how ethics is applied in organisational contexts (strategy, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, international business and leadership), to help readers understand how they can change the practice of business and management in order to produce new forms of innovative practice that meet changing societal needs.



Acknowledgements & Dedication

1       Introducing Work, Ethics & Organisational Life



           Organisational Life

           Studying Business Ethics

           Studying Ethics, Work & Organisational Life

2       Capitalism: Champions & Critics

           Varieties of Capitalism

           Champions & Critics of Capitalism

           Spirits of Capitalism

3       Perspectives on Ethics: Employees & Employment

           The Ethics of Work in the Post-Industrial Workplace

           The Ethics of Occupational Choice

           Vocation Ideation & Ethical Occupational Choices

4       Perspectives on Ethics: Organisational Life

           Culture, Ethics & Organisational Life

           Value Chains as Organisational Life

           Human Resource Management & Organisational Life

5       Perspectives on Ethics: Managers & Managing

           Managers & Decision-making

           Ethical Decision-making



           Management & Business Ethics

6       Ethics as Strategy: Stakeholder Theory & Management

           Stakeholder Theory & Strategy

           Stakeholder Theory, Soft Boundaries & the Sacred

           Developments in Stakeholder Theory

7       Ethics as Corporate Practice: Corporate Social Responsibility, Citizenship & Governance

           Corporate Social Responsibility

           Corporate Social Responsibility & Performance

           Corporate Citizenship

           Corporate Governance

8        Ethics as Corporate Practice: Sustainability & Environmental Ethics

            Ethics & the Environment

            Sustainability as a Corporate Practice

            Environment & Organisations

9        International Business & Globalisation

10      Responsible Leadership

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