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Doing Business with China: The Irish Advantage and Challenge

Doing Business with China: The Irish Advantage and Challenge
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ISBNs:  9781781192498 (Pb) / 2504 (ePub) / 2528 (PDF)
Year Published:  2016
Author:  Lan Li, Cathal MacSwiney Brugha, Stephen Massey, Liming Wang
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DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA: THE IRISH ADVANTAGE AND CHALLENGE emphasises Ireland’s favourable conditions for developing business links with China. Located in the European Union, Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone, with a well-educated workforce and a low corporate tax rate of 12.5%. It is also a militarily neutral country. Less well-known is that Ireland is highly regarded in China because of the Shannon free trade zone, which as the first of its kind set the model for China to establish its special economic zones, significantly contributing to its economic boom.

To an extent, Ireland and China share similar socio-cultural traditions, which has made understanding and communication between both nations easier in comparison to many other Western countries. Irish people also appear to have the ability to negotiate between Western and Chinese cultures, which helps them to overcome inter-cultural challenges, and so Irish business people have tended to succeed in China more than might be expected.

However, there are some barriers that may prevent Irish business people from taking advantage of the opportunities to achieve greater success in China. The authors identify the issues that need to be considered by the Irish government and civil servants – in particular, a China-focused national strategy and policy, as well as high quality public services – and propose recommendations to overcome these challenges.

DOING BUSINESS WITH CHINA is based on a survey involving more than 500 Irish companies and individuals, as well as 47 in-depth interviews, by a research team composed of both Irish and Chinese scholars with different research backgrounds.




Foreword by Paul Kavanagh, Irish Ambassador to China


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Histories in Parallel

Sir Robert Hart – an Irishman in China

A Common Rural Background

A Similar Colonial Past

The Experience of Emigration

Chapter 3: Humanising Business

Guanxi and Caidreamh in Socio-Cultural Contexts

Guanxi and Caidreamh in Business Practice

Relationship Building – The Irish Advantage

Human Relations – Similarities and Awareness

Chapter 4: Mentality in Following the Law

Challenges in Understanding Chinese Law

Guanxi and Caidreamh – a Legal Perspective

Common Law and the Chinese Legalist Approach

Similarities in Following Law and Regulation

Chapter 5: Adaptation and Pragmatism

Adaption in Business Practice

Pragmatism in Ireland and China

The Impact of Emigration

Advantage in Sharing a Pragmatic Approach

Chapter 6: Challenges and Opportunities

National Strategy and Government Approach

Bureaucracy in Ireland

Promoting Ireland in China

Barriers to Business

Improving Business Channels

Promoting Chinese Language

Opportunities to Seize

Chapter 7: Conclusion