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Forward Fast

Forward Fast
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Year Published:  2019
Author:  Conor Kenny



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We were driving towards Paul’s home in downtown Dubai. It was dusk.

There was a small, immaculate but anonymous tanker truck in front of us, 

I didn’t really notice it. But Paul did.

“Do you know what that is?” he asked.

“A small oil tanker,” I replied. 

“It is but do you know what it’s doing?”

I didn’t. 

“It’s going to someone’s home to fill their car with fuel. It was ordered online. The car will be unlocked and locked using an app and it’ll be paid for online. Nobody will meet. And what do you think that will do to petrol stations tomorrow?”

I was just getting my head around this, when Paul interjected again, “Of course, within a few years, electric cars will have done away with the need for the oil tanker.”

In many ways, this story illustrates the impact of technology on traditional businesses. 

Speed is what marks out this generation of entrepreneurs. It’s what FORWARD FAST is all about.

It’s about technology, opportunity and vision.

It’s about agility and innovation.

But most of all, it’s about one Irish person's story of leaving the west of Ireland to become a 15-times international award-winning entrepreneur. 

It’s what he saw, what he did and what he’s doing.

It's about his generation and about how they think.

It's about what’s coming next. 

It’s the first chapter – but not the last book.

It is Paul Kenny up close.

It is the future – now.