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How to Crack the Web Summit 2016: Practical Tips & Advice from Attendees

How to Crack the Web Summit 2016:  Practical Tips & Advice from Attendees
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ISBNs:  9781846211935 PDF / 1942 (ePub)
Year Published:  2016
Author:  Simon Cocking
ePub ebook:  9.83
PDF ebook:  9.83


The Web Summit 2016 takes place on 7 to 10 November, in Lisbon, Portugal, with satellite venues across the city. Now in its sixth year, Web Summit 2016 expects to host 21 themed summits, 1,000 speakers and 50,000 attendees from over 165 countries.

This revised and expanded 2nd edition is an unofficial guide to a unique event where fantastic opportunities exist for you to initiate, grow, fundraise, connect and sell your business to investors, customers and the world’s media.

Simon Cocking has watched the Web Summit on TV, covered it as a member of the media, photographed it, interviewed 100s of C-suite executives, founders, investors, inventors and dreamers, moderated discussion panels, and put together and managed media teams to cover the event. Having written about it, evaluated it, hyped it, growth-hacked it, and been on his bike to achieve maximum value and minimum time footslogging between different stages, his revised and expanded 2nd edition ebook HOW TO CRACK THE WEB SUMMIT 2016: PRACTICAL TIPS & ADVICE FROM ATTENDEES now offers you the chance to get the most out of your precious time at the Web Summit.

He has shared a series of shortcuts, tips and ideas to help you maximise the impact of your time there. Some of these are tactical, some strategic and some esoteric; all are aimed at putting you in the right headspace to really get the maximum benefit out of your time at the Web Summit. He also asked key attendees of the Web Summit and other major tech events in Paris, Singapore  Moscow and Tel Aviv over the last five years for their insights on making the most of the Web Summit. Strategically placed across the book, these insights bring real practical value to your Web Summit strategy.

A percentage of the revenues from this ebook will be donated to, a social enterprise that provides refurbished computers and digital literacy training to schools in Africa, the Caribbean and Ireland.





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Reviews of 2015 edition  


Reviews for the 2015 edition:

Tech journalist Simon Cocking has put together a clever little ebook guide to the forthcoming Web Summit.

Cocking has covered the event extensively in the past so brings an insider perspective, with lots of practical advice that will be useful to those attending next month’s gathering of 30,000 tech enthusiasts in the capital.

Aside from his own observations, he peppers the narrative with a liberal sprinkling of quotes from former attendees.

Frank Dillon, The Irish Times



The Web Summit has become a behemoth. So much so that if you haven’t prepared it’s quite easy to get caught up in the sheer scale of it and the whole event could pass you by.

Luckily for you, in the run up to this year’s event, our very own Simon Cocking has published an ebook specifically designed to provide you with all knowledge you’ll need to crack the Summit.

The ebook is laid out in a “Before”, “During” and “After” format with some extras thrown in to help you get the most out of the Web Summit.

Simon hasn’t just drawn from his own experiences of the Web Summit here. He has also reached out to many of the top business people in the country to gain their insights into what has worked and what hasn’t at previous events. Their advice is presented in a complementary fashion throughout the ebook.

John Armstrong, Irish Tech News