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Learning on the Job: Parenting in Modern Ireland

Learning on the Job: Parenting in Modern Ireland
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ISBNs:  9781781191873 Pb / 1880 epub / 1996 PDF
Year Published:  2015
Author:  Colm O'Doherty & Ashling Jackson (editors)
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Through research on how people actually parent in today’s Ireland, LEARNING ON THE JOB fills a knowledge vacuum by reviewing strategies, techniques and programmatic approaches to parenting being developed and applied in Ireland. Editors Colm O’Doherty and Ashling Jackson then build on these insights to outline the social change needed to make society function better for parents and children. LEARNING ON THE JOB provides a new understanding of the importance of parenting, in all its diverse forms, in contemporary Irish society.


LEARNING ON THE JOB: PARENTING IN MODERN IRELAND is a reflection on general parenting issues in Ireland and parenting for a variety of ‘new’ emerging parent groups. It examines and explores the everyday practices and concerns of different parenting forms in modern Ireland.

Part 1: The Social Context of Parenting in Ireland aims to review and discuss the social terrain in which parenting takes places at the moment in Ireland, including chapters on modernity and social change, changing family patterns, the value of parenting and supporting parenting.

Part 2: Discourse on Parenting and Emerging Families in Ireland is a reflection on key parenting issues in Ireland at the moment, including chapters on parenting issues, navigating adolescence, parenting in a digital age, children of LGB parents, parenting alone, parents with intellectual disability, grandchildcare, fatherhood, supporting parents, parenting programmes, parenting in a multicultural society and foster-parenting.

Each chapter is like a piece in a jigsaw puzzle, all of which combine to present a picture of the changing nature of parenting in modern Ireland.








Foreword / Professor Mary Daly

Introduction / Ashling Jackson and Colm O’Doherty

Part One: The Social Context of Parenting in Ireland

1 A Quiet Revolution: Modernity, Social Change and New Parenting Opportunities / Ashling Jackson

2 Out with the Old, In with the New: Changing Family Patterns in Ireland / Ashling Jackson

3 The Value of Parenting / Colm O’Doherty

4 Happy Parenting / Colm O’Doherty

5 Supporting Parents – Evidence-informed and Evidence-based Policy and Practice / Stella Owens

Part Two: Discourse on Parenting and Emerging Family Issues

6 Parenting and Children’s Development in Ireland: Lessons from Psychology / Elizabeth Nixon

7 “You Don’t Understand!” – Navigating the Parenting Contours of Adolescence  / Karen Leonard

8 “There’s an App for That!” – Parenting in a Digital Age / Tom Farrelly

9 Legal Gaps Impacting on Children of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Parents in Ireland / Sandra Irwin Gowran

10 Parenting Alone in Contemporary Ireland / Rosemary Crosse and Michelle Millar

11 Parents with Intellectual Disability / Anna Moore Asgharian

12 Grandchildcare: Grandparents and Childcare in Ireland / Michelle Share and Liz Kerrins

13 Fathers and Parenting / Colin Shaw, Maria Lohan and Noel Richardson

14 Working on Parenting / Edel Lawlor

15 Advancing Parenting – A New Perspective on Parenting Support / Jennifer Kavanagh

16 Parenting in a Multicultural Society: Migrants and Their Experiences of Parenting in Ireland / Gertrude Cotter and Olaniyi Kolawole

17 Foster Parenting / Declan Smith

Conclusion – A New Deal for Parents, A New Deal for Society/ Colm O’Doherty and Ashling Jackson