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Quick Win Leadership: Answers to your top 100 Leadership questions

Quick Win Leadership: Answers to your top 100 Leadership questions
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Year Published:  2010
Author:  Enda Larkin
Paperback  14.95



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Designed so that you can dip in and out seeking answers to your top leadership questions, as they arise, there are five sections to QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP:

  • Leadership Essentials;
  • Leadership Qualities;
  • Leadership Skills;
  • Leading Individuals & Teams;
  • Leadership Activities.

In addition, using the grid in the Contents, you can search for questions and answers across a range of topics, including: Behaviour, Communication, Management, Performance, Strategy and planning and Theory.

 QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP is available also as an iPhone app.


QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP, subtitled Answers to Your Top 100 Leadership Questions, begins with the distinction between leading and managing. Enda Larkin, director of Geneva-based tourism industry firm HTC Consulting, writes that managing focuses on hard aspects: planning, organising, controlling, budgeting. Leading, on the other hand, is concerned with the soft aspects, “in other words, the human dimension.”

The book’s Irish publisher, Oak Tree Press, has made QUICK WIN LEADERSHIP available as an app, as well as selling it from their website. The questions are apposite and the answers thoughtful; this is a good book to keep in the briefcase for those moments when you can pull it out to read. There are questions, for instance, on what employees look for in a leader, how you should coach people to improve performance, whether it is more important to focus on the needs of the people or those of the job, and how you can translate your vision into reality.

Lucille Redmond, The Market


The Quick Win series is available in hard copy, in e-book format and as apps. All the books are quick guides for the businessman and student and deal with a variety of subjects concerned with business promotion and marketing. Oak Tree Press have hit on a winning formula by getting an expert, usually an academic, in some field of marketing to pose and answer 100 questions. The questions cover every aspect of the subject and the answers are straightforward and to the point. All the books are similar in layout and design, with the information arranged in boxes. The contents are clever in guiding the reader by themes as well as by topics.

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