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50 Great Lessons from Life

50 Great Lessons from Life
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ISBNs:  9781781190739 Hb / 0746 ePub
Year Published:  2012
Author:  Tony Spollen
Hardback  14.95
ePub ebook  9.25


Originally written for his grown-up children, Tony Spollen now shares his 50 GREAT LESSONS FROM LIFE with a wider audience.

Simple, heartfelt, born of experience – these lessons ring true for everyone in any walk of life.

Some you know already; others will be new – or will surprise you with a new twist on something you took for granted. Some are aspirational, some are fanciful, some are basic and mostly, they are one size fits all – but, above all, they are timeless advice, universally applicable.

Be successful. Be healthy. Be happy. Read. Enjoy.
With a Foreword by Tony O'Reilly Jnr.


If you have a 'reception area' or  'waiting room', this is the perfect book for someone to browse though as they wait for an appointment. One page after another provides a little nuggat of advice or wisdom from Tony Spollen, someone who is extremely knowledgeable. Just remember to check on a regular basis that the book is still there!

Peter Fry, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Chamber of Commerce


Wisdom is normally passed verbally from generation to generation. It's a rare thing, that you will find it in a book that is easy to read. What Tony has done, is to extract the pearls from his experience. Each individual will easily identify personal resonances that will help put things in perspective. No need to start at the beginning. Consult the lesson that you think can help.

John Eves


This book is erudite and insightful. It zips along and is accurately described by broadcaster Pat Kenny, in a review as ‘a little gem’.

In 50 short chapters, the book includes lessons inspired by the people whom Spollen has come across in his career.

These include Brian Lenihan, the former Minister for Finance, and Martin Rafferty, a veteran AIB banker who later chaired United Drug. Two former managing directors of KPMG, Alex Spain (later DCC chair) and Niall Crowley (an ex-AIB chairman), inspire chapters. According to Spollen, Alex Spain is the force behind chapter 16 of his book, subtitled ‘Be big and generous’.

“The biggest lesson in the book is about your health,” Spollen explains. “As long as you have it and can get up in the morning, no matter how bad things are, they can change. I feel this is a lesson that is really important for Irish people at the moment. With good health, you have almost everything. With poor health, life is tough.”

Tom Lyons, The Irish Times


Tony Spollen is a well-known former AIB internal auditor turned whistle-blower. In this short and reflective book, he shares his observations on how to succeed and be happy in life.

Too many of us concentrate on material wellbeing, he says, at the expense of our ability to make the most of each moment. Health is by far the most important asset that we possess and one we should guard carefully.

Too many in business also suffer from stress and anxiety.

Anxiety, he says, is a poison that has ruined the lives of many people. He recommends slow, shallow breathing through your nose as a simple technique that will keep you calm in challenging times. When you feel good, your thinking will be clear, and you will be able to deal with worries. Solutions will begin to emerge.

A positive approach pays huge dividends. He cites the example of a friend who set up a business that delivered his product ahead of promised schedules, settled bills ahead of expectations and treated staff exceptionally well.

Although money was not his prime motivator, his positive approach helped to make him a fortune. This interesting and highly accessible book can be digested in a couple of hours.

Frank Dillon, Booked, The Irish Times

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