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Quick Win Business Communication: Answers to your top 100 Business Communication questions

Quick Win Business Communication: Answers to your top 100 Business Communication questions
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ISBNs:  9781781190982 Pb / 0999 ePub
Year Published:  2014
Author:  Elizabeth P Tierney
Paperback  14.95
ePub ebook  9.25

Quick Win Presentations: Answers to your top 100 Presentations questionsQuick Win Presentations: Answers to your top 100 Presentations questions


QUICK WIN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION is written for business people who recognise how vital effective communication is to their own success and to the success of their organisations. While you are reading through the answers to your questions, other business people may be discussing missions, goals, losses, profits, overheads, policies, budgets, loans, promotions, strategic plans, product development, training, hiring, technology, downsizing, take¬overs, global competitiveness, office parties, desk arrangements, coffee breaks, or office supplies. Imagine the implications if you can’t understand what is being discussed online, in webinars, boardrooms, offices, or at lunch. Imagine the implications if your colleagues don’t understand your views or are unable to articulate their own. Whether you are ordering paper for the copier or making long-range hiring plans, if communication fails, the outcome is confusion. Therefore, let’s examine ways of ensuring a happier outcome.

There are six sections to this book:

  • Business Communication Essentials covers some of the fundamental questions that business people have about what makes an effective communicator and why it matters. It also explains the communication process in theory and what may prevent you from being clear;
  • Business Communication Techniques answers questions ranging from unblocking communication to the importance of valuing people and includes topics like the importance of word choices, organising your thoughts and the role and use of visuals;
  • Meetings & Interviews looks at aspects of well-run meetings;
  • Writing – Offline & Online answers your questions about how to achieve greater clarity with the written word;
  • Speaking & Presenting addresses your basic questions about formal and informal talks;
  • Achieving Business Communication Excellence considers your ongoing development as an effective communicator.

QUICK WIN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION is designed so that you can dip in and out seeking answers to your top business communication questions as they arise. Answers to your queries can be located not only from the contents list but also by using the subject grid at the start of the book and by following the thread of cross-references provided at the end of each Q&A.


The Quick Win series is available in hard copy, in e-book format and as apps. All the books are quick guides for the businessman and student and deal with a variety of subjects concerned with business promotion and marketing. Oak Tree Press have hit on a winning formula by getting an expert, usually an academic, in some field of marketing to pose and answer 100 questions. The questions cover every aspect of the subject and the answers are straightforward and to the point. All the books are similar in layout and design, with the information arranged in boxes. The contents are clever in guiding the reader by themes as well as by topics. 

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