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Countdown to Launch: 3 Steps / 6 Weeks / 1 Goal - The Hands-On Guide to Risk-proof Your Start-up

Countdown to Launch: 3 Steps / 6 Weeks / 1 Goal - The Hands-On Guide to Risk-proof Your Start-up
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ISBNs:  9781781193808 (PB) / 3815 (ePub) / 3839 (PDF)
Year Published:  2019
Author:  Greg Devlin & Liam Fennelly
Paperback  29.95
ePub ebook  16.35
PDF ebook  16.35

Greg Devlin is an MBA graduate, founder director at MBA Global Institute and co-creator of The Business Model Actualization Platform.

Liam Fennelly is a Chartered Engineer and MBA graduate of Warwick Business School, founder director of MBA Global Institute and co-creator of The Business Model Actualization Platform.


This purpose of this book is to help you to make your business an enduring success.

Every year all around the world, energetic people with great ideas start new businesses, embark on new initiatives and begin new projects, and every year, unfortunately a large number of them fail.

This book will help you to ensure that your business thrives. COUNTDOWN TO LAUNCH is both an operator’s manual and a toolkit. It’s packed with analysis and planning tools, trigger sheets and methods. It introduces The BMAP – The Business Model Actualization Platform, a simple ‘Three-Step’ business development process. The BMAP results in robust and tested business planning that will help you achieve sustainable success by reducing risks and increasing opportunities.

You need no special training to complete the tasks - anyone can do it!

Using straightforward language, this book avoids jargon. It is aimed at the great majority of people that have not undertaken business courses, though it will also act to refresh the memory for those who have.

We’ve paced this book to give readers a sense of what it is like to be entrepreneurial in today’s world. We encourage you to take the challenge and liberate your dream, enjoy the journey and take away some enduring learning!


Note that, due the large number of images in this book, the ebook editions are large files and may take a few minutes to download (depending on the download speed offered by your broadband provider).








How to Use this Book


Chapter 1


Why Do We Need the BMAP?

The BMAP in a Wider Context

Chapter 2


A Three Step Process

The BMAP Tools and Techniques

The Countdown Begins          

Chapter 3

Situation Analysis 1

Business Models

Validating Your Value Proposition

Customer Feedback Analysis


Chapter 4

Situation Analysis 2

SWOT Analysis

PESTLE Analysis

Value Chain Analysis

Five Forces Analysis    


Chapter 5

Challenge Analysis 1


Traction Channel Analysis                  


Chapter 6

Challenge Analysis 2

Developing Financial Projections

The Cash Flow Forecast

The Income Statement

The Balance Sheet

Financial Procedures

Cash Flow Management

Equity and Dilution


Chapter 7

Solution Proposed 1


The SWOT Roadmap

The PESTLE Roadmap

The Value Chain Roadmap

The Five Forces Roadmap

The Key Financials Roadmap

The Key Traction Channels Roadmap

The Organization Chart

Customer Feedback Analysis 

The Customer Feedback Roadmap


Chapter 8

Solution Proposed 2

Your Strategy Roadmap

Your Final Business Model Canvas

Your Business Plan

Your Pitch Deck                 


The Launch Phase                                 

Chapter 9


Your Legal and Compliance Roadmap 

Your Website and Social Media


Appendix 1: Getting a Mentor

Appendix II: The Board of Directors

Appendix III: Decision-making

Appendix IV: Funding

Appendix V: Sources and Further Reading