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In Search of Returns: Making Sense of Financial Markets

In Search of Returns: Making Sense of Financial Markets
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ISBNs:  9781781195116 (PB) / 5123 (ePub) / 5147 (PDF)
Year Published:  2021
Author:  John Looby
Paperback  15.00
ePub ebook  10.90
PDF ebook  10.90

Money Mayhem: The Bewildering Consequences of Cutting Money FreeMoney Mayhem: The Bewildering Consequences of Cutting Money Free

JOHN LOOBY has worked in financial markets since 1990 in roles spanning fixed income, absolute return and equities. He is currently a Senior Portfolio Manager on the global equity team at KBI Global Investors. A regular contributor of opinion pieces to the media – now contributing exclusively to The Currency – his previous books are: Troubled Times: Investing during the Troika YearsSixty Shades of Sunday: Investment Thoughts; and Money Mayhem: The Bewildering Consequences of Cutting Money FreeHe also lectures part-time at the Dublin Business School. The views expressed in this book are his own.

Negative official interest rates are the new normal in Europe and, unsurprisingly, the resulting hunt for returns has heightened the lure of financial markets. With deposit rates going negative and deposit sizes going skyward, it seems timely to consider how such savings might be invested. 

Financial markets are fascinating but successful investing is not easy. While the future looms as unknowable as ever, IN SEARCH OF RETURNS will help you to:

  • Evaluate the relationship between ‘expected’ risk and returns in financial decision-making;
  • Understand different investment asset classes and investment strategies;
  • Appreciate the influence of cognitive biases in asset pricing and investment behaviour.

It’s a timely guide to making sense of the financial markets.



1: The Asset Risk Spectrum

2: Diversification & Portfolio Theory

3: The Case for Active Investing

4: The Case for Value Investing

5: Nassim Nicholas Taleb & The Value Investing Mindset

6: The Dumb Money Effect

7: Banks Are Different

8: Managing Foreign Exchange Rates & Exposure

9: Looming Challenges

10: The Under-valued Option to Hasten Slowly