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Lessons in Irish Housing - 2nd edition / 2020

Lessons in Irish Housing - 2nd edition / 2020
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ISBNs:  9781781194386 (PB) / 4416 (PDF)
Year Published:  2020
Author:  Frank P. Ryan
Paperback:  15.00
PDF ebook:  5.45


LESSONS IN IRISH HOUSING seeks to merge the market knowledge of a long career with input from housing policy theory and lessons from our historical housing experience. 

The objective is to offer the reader a pragmatic understanding of the complexity of Irish housing and housing policy, briefing him / her on the importance of a long-term balanced housing objective, part of a complex system, that should be managed based on rational long-term needs, rather than responding to emotive, short-term pressures.

Frank Ryan proves we have an under-performing housing system that lacks balance. More importantly, our housing system lacks knowledge, innovation and effective leadership. Using a flawed or out-of-date housing system is a very inefficient manner to address a modern housing crisis!

This updated 2020 edition of LESSONS IN IRISH HOUSING seeks to understand the dynamics of the Irish housing system at the start of 2020 – and the CoVID-19 impacts from March 2020 – on our future housing. It forecasts that CoVID-19 will be a catalyst for major long-term change, particularly to our city centres and to our political direction and taxation.



Chapter 1: Introduction

The Airplane Analogy

Looking Back – A Little Bit of History

Lesson 1

Looking Forward – The Future

Lesson 2

Chapter 2: Actors & Attitudes, Politics & Leadership in Irish Housing Policy

Actors & Attitudes

Politics & Leadership

Lesson 3

Chapter 3: The Policy Void – Rentals

Lesson 4

Chapter 4: The Market, Town Planning & Development Land

The Market – Suburban New Housing

Lesson 5

Town Planning

Lesson 6

Development Land – The Suburban Market 

Lesson 7

Chapter 5: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm – Still Raging!

Lesson 8

Chapter 6: Outcome

The Outcome 2018

Policy Implications


Appendix 1: Special Housing

Appendix 2: Homelessness

The Author