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Driving Dealership Profit

Driving Dealership Profit
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ISBNs:  9781781194157 (PB) / 4164 (ePub) / 4188 (PDF)
Year Published:  2019
Author:  Mike Finlay
Hardback:  50.00
ePub ebook:  30.00
PDF ebook:  30.00

MIKE FINLAY is Managing Director and Dealer Principal of Finlay Motor Group in Ireland. Mike, and his brother Gary, are the third generation of this 80-year-old family business. Throughout his 30 years in this business, Mike’s questioning of traditional approaches to running a motor dealership has developed hundreds of processes and systems that consistently deliver some of the highest results in the industry. Mike now spends most of his time in Germany, but he continues his role in Finlay Motor Group and, through Mike Finlay Consulting, also assists other dealerships and dealership groups to grow their profits.


If you have picked up this book to read, it’s likely that you’re a Dealer Principal or senior line manager in a motor dealership. So, straight off, three questions for you:

What’s your dealership’s net profitability?

How does that compare to other dealerships locally / nationally?

Do you want / need to improve your dealership’s overall performance?

Whatever your answers to the first two questions, if your answer to the third is “Yes”, then this book is for you.

In DRIVING DEALERSHIP PROFIT, Mike Finlay presents the most important KPIs that he uses to run his business and shows how they can improve your business. He also shares systems, processes and innovations that you can adopt to directly impact those KPIs. These practices have delivered – and continue to deliver – up to three times more profit than the average franchised dealership in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.