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LDiO 05: Identifying and Prioritising Learning & Development Needs

LDiO 05: Identifying and Prioritising Learning & Development Needs
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ISBNs:  9781781194720 (PDF) / 4737 (ePub)
Year Published:  2021
Author:  Thomas Garavan, Carole Hogan, Amanda Cahir-O'Donnell & Claire Gubbins
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PDF ebook:  10.00

Learning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and PracticeLearning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and Practice

IDENTIFYING AND PRIORITISING LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT NEEDS provides a detailed discussion of the initial stage of the L&D process, which is concerned with identifying key learning gaps or opportunities. 


The authors discuss the key components of the needs identification / assessment process and the different approaches that organisations and L&D practitioners use. 


The different levels of needs analysis are described, as well as the full spectrum of analysis that needs to be carried out, including who should be involved, the types of methods that are appropriate at different levels of analysis and the challenges involved in conducting needs assessment. 





Learning Objectives

Key Concepts


1 Introduction

2 What Are Learning Needs and Learning Needs Analysis?

3 Approaches to L&D Learning Needs Analysis

3.1 The Analytical Approach

3.2 The Competency Approach

3.3 The Problem-solving Approach

3.4 The Strategic L&D Approach

Case Study 1: Identifying L&D at Nestlé

Critical Reflection 1

4 L&D Needs Analysis: Organisational, Job / Task and Individual Levels

4.1 Organisational L&D Needs Analysis

Critical Reflection 2

4.2 Job / Task Analysis

4.3 Individual / Person Level Analysis

Case Study 2: Learning Needs Analysis in Small Organisations: An Informal Approach

5 Why Identifying L&D Needs is Important

5.1 The Benefits of L&D Needs Analysis

5.2 Responding to L&D Triggers in Organisations

6 Who Should Be Involved in the L&D Needs Assessment Process?

7 L&D Needs Analysis Methods

7.1 L&D Needs Analysis Methods at the Organisational Level

7.2 L&D Needs Assessment Methods at the Job / Task Level

7.3 L&D Needs Analysis Methods at the Person Level

8 Analysing L&D Data and Determining L&D Priorities

9 Challenges Encountered when Conducting L&D Needs Analysis

9.1 Political Considerations

9.2 Poor L&D Processes and Expertise

9.3 Lack of Leadership and Employee Buy-in to the Needs Analysis process

9.4 Time, Cost and Confidentiality Issues

Best Available Evidence to Inform Practice 



Review Questions

Strategic L&D in Action 

Case Study 3: Identifying the Training Needs of Loco Pilots at Indian Rail

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