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LDiO 09: Implementing and Delivering Classroom-based Learning & Development in Organisations

LDiO 09: Implementing and Delivering Classroom-based Learning & Development in Organisations
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ISBNs:  9781781194843 (PDF) / 4850 (ePub)
Year Published:  2021
Author:  Thomas Garavan, Carole Hogan, Amanda Cahir-O'Donnell & Claire Gubbins
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PDF ebook:  10.00

Learning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and PracticeLearning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and Practice

IMPLEMENTING AND DELIVERING CLASSROOM-BASED LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT IN ORGANISATIONS describes, discusses and evaluates the issues around the implementation and delivery of L&D in organisations. 


The ebook initially discusses the differences between instruction and facilitation and the skills that are required of L&D professionals in each context. 


The authors then provide a detailed discussion of the role of learning theory in the context of the delivery of training, looking at pre-training, during training and post-training. They also discuss the decisions that need to be made to develop lesson plans and the skills involved in delivering training through both facilitation and instruction approaches. 


The later parts of the ebook consider the creation of a positive training environment and the challenges encountered in both facilitation and instruction. 





Learning Objectives

Key Concepts


1 Introduction

2 Defining Training Implementation and Delivery

3 Instruction versus Facilitation

Critical Reflection 1

3.1 Trainer Style and Effectiveness

3.2 Trainer Presence in the Classroom

4 Applying Learning Theory to the Delivery of Classroom Training

4.1 Pre-training Interventions

4.2 Interventions During Training

Case Study 1: Using Humour in the Classroom

5 Developing Lesson Plans for Classroom Training

6 Delivering a Classroom Training Session Using Instruction and Facilitation

6.1 Using Instruction to Deliver Training

6.2 Using Facilitation in Training

Critical Reflection 2

7 Creating an Effective Classroom Training Environment

7.1 Seating Arrangements for Effective Training

7.2 Training Site, Materials, Equipment and Scheduling

8 Delivering Training in the Classroom: Key Challenges

8.1 Disruptive Learners in the Classroom

8.2 Challenges for L&D Practitioners in Delivering Classroom Training

Case Study 2: Using the Classroom to Onboard Employees at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Best Available Evidence to Inform Practice 



Review Questions

Strategic L&D in Action 

Case Study 3: Cultural Differences in Reactions to L&D Methods

Further Reading



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