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LDiO 15: Changing Learning & Development Roles, Competence Development and Professional Ethics

LDiO 15: Changing Learning & Development Roles, Competence Development and Professional Ethics
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ISBNs:  9781781195024 (PDF) / 5031 (ePub)
Year Published:  2021
Author:  Thomas Garavan, Carole Hogan, Amanda Cahir-O'Donnell & Claire Gubbins
ePub ebook:  10.00
PDF ebook:  10.00

Learning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and PracticeLearning & Development in Organisations: Strategy, Evidence and Practice

CHANGING LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT ROLES, COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT AND PROFESSIONAL ETHICS begins with a discussion of changing role expectations and the spectrum of L&D roles found in organisations. 


The authors then discuss the competencies of L&D professionals and how these can be developed. They give particular focus to the concept of continuous professional development (CPD) and then focus on the nature of professionalism, ethics and the L&D practitioner. 


The ebook concludes by outlining different approaches to making decisions about ethical dilemmas in L&D.





Learning Objectives

Key Concepts


1 Introduction

2 Defining the L&D Professional Role in Organisations

2.1 Expectations of Organisational Stakeholders about L&D

3 The Spectrum of L&D Roles in Organisations

3.1 L&D Provider

Case Study 1: What Does Research Tell Us about L&D Roles in Organisations?

3.2 Internal Consultant and Advisor

3.3 Boundary Spanner and Business Partner

3.4 Change Agent

3.5 Capacity and Capability-building

3.6 Facilitator of Transformational Learning

Critical Reflection 1

4 The Competencies of L&D Professionals

4.1 Business, Financial and Technical Competencies

4.2 Managerial Competencies

4.3 Cognitive Competencies

4.4 Relationship-building, Collaborative Working and Networking Competencies

4.5 L&D Competencies and Expertise

5 Developing the L&D Professional in Organisations

5.1 Defining Continuous Professional Development

5.2 Continuous Professional Development Strategies for L&D Practitioners

Critical Reflection 2

6 Professionalism, Ethics and the L&D Practitioner

6.1 The Nature of Professionalism

6.2 Ethics and L&D

Case Study 2: From a Manager of a Community Training Project to a Senior L&D Role: A Developmental Journey

6.3 The Principles-based Approach and Codes of Professional Practice

Best Available Evidence to Inform Practice



Review Questions

Strategic L&D in Action

Case Study 3: Aligning the L&D Role in Service Organisations

Further Reading



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