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Account Planning in Salesforce: Unlock revenue from big customers to turn them into BIGGER customers

Account Planning in Salesforce: Unlock revenue from big customers to turn them into BIGGER customers
Our Price:  €7.99(VAT Free)

ISBNs:  9781781190876 Pb / 0883 ePub
Year Published:  2013
Author:  Donal Daly
Paperback:  14.95
ePub ebook:  7.99


ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE is focused on helping companies that have purchased Salesforce with their Account Planning initiatives. Its goal is to be the reference text on Account Planning for all Salesforce users.

Account Planning is a tremendously important endeavor. It drives revenue, increases customer satisfaction, aligns your organization, and provides incredibly gratifying moments when you can see the impact of your work – both for the customer, and for your company. Account Planning is a strategic imperative that goes beyond traditional selling tactics. The benefits that accrue go beyond simple revenue numbers, and point to an approach that must be focused not just on greater revenue as the sole arbiter of strategy. When Account Planning is executed well, customer satisfaction increases. Customers who are more satisfied buy more from you, and do so without calling your competitors first. Customers who are served well are easier to retain, and therefore it is easier to make your revenue targets year after year. When you do effective Account Planning, you get to understand the customer’s business, sit with them at their side of the table, and strengthen your ability to shape their thinking and their business strategies. A happy customer is hostile territory for your competitor to enter. Switching suppliers is expensive for a customer and they will do so only if they feel you are not serving them well and fairly. Your ability to monitor, measure and react is greater if you are closer to the heart of their business, understanding their corporate goals, and motivations. It takes investment, research and hard work, but is the price of customer retention and growth.

In ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE, you will learn how to gather the information you need to understand the Account as a marketplace and to segment that marketplace into discrete units so that you can choose where to spend your time. Recording the Current Opportunities in the Account, as well as business you already have won, you will be able to place your solutions on a structured map of the customer’s business. Exploring how to uncover the customer’s Business Drivers and how to navigate the political landscape in the account will help you to understand both the people who matter – the Key Players – and their associated Business Drivers. When all of the opportunities in the Account have been identified, you will evaluate each one against the twin axes of Value to Customer and Value to Us. That way you will uncover areas of Mutual Value – which is a thread that you will find woven into the fabric of the methodology. It is important. This is the White Space in the Account where you can help your customer to identify new potential areas of opportunity – and simultaneously discover new areas of opportunity for yourself. Finally, you will build the Execution Plan so that you get beyond planning and begin to manage and execute.

And to keep things interesting, you will find many musical references throughout the book – this will be the only book on Account Planning that you will find that includes a song playlist!






The Account as a Marketplace

The Missed Opportunity

The Three Core Themes

Research for Insight

Integrate for Velocity

Focus for Impact

Before You Continue …


The Four Phases of Customer Evolution

Acquiring and Retaining Customers

The Dying Phase

Serenade Your Customer


The Changing Shape of the Trust Circle

Building Trust

Trust is Personal


The Three Cs – Customer, Competitor, Company

C #1 – The Customer

C #2 – The Competitor

C #3 – Your Company

Building Your Account Plan in Salesforce


When Account Planning Goes Bad

Integrate for Velocity

Do It All in Salesforce

Reduce Risks through Integration


Business Units and Service Units

Segmenting Your Account

Selecting the Right Business Units


Being a Customer is Hard

The Customer’s Challenge

Level of Relationship

Business Drivers, Business Initiatives and Critical Success Factors


Culture and People

Mapping the Organization

Mapping Personal Attributes

People Need People


The Opportunity Map: Basic Principles

Different Types of Need and Opportunities

Opportunity Mapping

Focus for Impact

Value to Us

Value to Customer


The Execution Planning Framework

Revenue Objectives

Business Development Objectives

Getting Help from Others

And Finally


The Playlist and the Players





Donal uncovers the vast advantages of Account Planning done right and shows how our own client intimacy approach has benefitted from getting closer to our customers.  

Patricia Elizondo, Senior Vice President, Xerox Corporation


Companies around the globe are transforming the way they connect with customers. ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE contains valuable advice on how to use Account Planning methodology in Salesforce to accelerate revenue growth. It is a great example of how our partners are leveraging the power of the Salesforce platform to provide customers with the right tools to accelerate their success in the cloud.

Ron Huddleston, senior vice president, ISV & Channel,


Unlike most books on this topic, Donal grounds his recommendations in the context of modern B2B sales, where customers – armed with massive amounts of information and advice – can afford to engage salespeople later and later in the purchase decision. In this world, an insight-based approach must serve as the backbone of a powerful Account Plan. And, as Donal demonstrates, there are no shortcuts to getting this right. This book is required reading for those of us who want to keep selling and avoid the trap of order-taking.

Matthew Dixon, Executive Director Sales & Service Practice, CEB and co-author of The Challenger Sale


Even a dyslexic, A.D.D., former CEO like me found it to be a compelling relevant read … Love the statistical back up … Practical and relevant … I’ve turned around over a dozen sales teams in my career and the content provided in this book is the basis for that success. Daly nailed it!

Ken Bado, former CEO, Marklogic and EVP, Autodesk


A must-read for all sales professionals working in a environment! Account Planning is a core sales skill that requires a disciplined approach and ongoing care and maintenance.  The book not only teaches the ‘how,’ but ‘why’ proper Account Planning will drive bigger and stronger sales opportunities.

Matthew L. Cox, Senior Director, Sales Strategy and Operations, Hewlett-Packard


All too often Account Planning is a once-a-year effort that gathers dust on the shelf. Use Donal Daly’s ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE to help transform this critical activity into a usable, customer-centric approach to growing loyal relationships all year long.

Bob Thompson, Founder / CEO, CustomerThink Corp.


Donal’s unique combination of methodology expertise and smart software comes to life in this book. It is filled with priceless nuggets. If you want to operationalize Account Planning, this is the best roadmap I’ve seen. I encourage all sales professionals to follow it.

Carol Burch, former Global SVP, CRM Clear Vision Program, SAP


A practical guide that embraces the modern world of global Account Management with a refreshing balance of integrity, knowledge, expertise, and humor. Daly’s business acumen is evident as he clearly articulates what it takes to maximize revenue from Large Accounts. A must read and, dare I say it, an enjoyable read …

Padma Rao, Director Sales Enablement, Akamai


This book is a no-brainer for sales reps and sales executives who want to maximize revenue from large accounts. It’s filled with practical strategies you can implement right away.

Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies


Account planning must live and breathe as part of how you run your business. It needs to become part of your culture, and should be integrated into your overall business cadence. If you want to drive the right culture and cadence for Account Planning in your business, this book is a blueprint to start with.

Peter Jofriet, Director, Sales Excellence, Honeywell Process Solutions


ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE helps companies focus and collaborate on creating value for critical accounts, and Dealmaker Smart Account Manager is a critical component. We are excited to add the combination of the book and the software to the portfolio of sales enablement tools we support. If you use you should definitely read this book!

Walter Rogers, CEO, CloudCoaching International


This is the only Account Management book I’ve seen that effectively maps methodology with technology, a critical weapon in the armory of today’s sales professional.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power


While many authors only address one or the other, in this book Donal has addressed the intersection of both technology and methodology, the necessary mix of pragmatic principles of Account Planning coupled with the operation of CRM. The book brilliantly covers both the ‘what’ and the ‘how to.’ Whether you use Salesforce or any other CRM system, if you want to master Account Planning and maximize your personal performance, this book is a must read!

David Brock, President, Partners in Excellence


ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE is a roadmap for successful Account Planning. Easy to read, full of crucial advice, it should be used by every Account Team selling to large customers. Strongly recommended.

Anne O’Leary, Executive Chairman, Kinematik


We all know that focusing on the right customers, and only the right customers, unlocks sales success. But how many of us put this into practice? This book holds the key to maximizing revenue from your biggest customers, and guides you through making it a repeatable practice by integrating it with Salesforce. Don’t just read this book – use it as a playbook and then act!

York Baur, CEO, Windermere Solutions


Sales people often confuse Account Planning with just having multiple opportunities in the same Account. Donal has ably demonstrated that the greatest win lies not in individual opportunities but in getting the overall Account Strategy right. This book clearly lays out a systematic way of planning, executing and tracking that strategy by leveraging technology as a true enabler. In this easy-to-follow book, Donal shows how it can be done.

John Golden, President & CEO, Huthwaite


At Chasm Institute we’ve long promoted market develop-ment concepts that seem mirrored here in Donal’s Account Planning methodologies. Stand-alone, they are best-of breed. Integrated as a native Salesforce application, they are killer. ACCOUNT PLANNING in SALESFORCE will not only teach you The TAS Group’s methodologies … it is a practical, no-nonsense guide for leveraging your Salesforce investment. And, the classic rock music references are both amusing and useful!

Mark Cavender, founder & Managing Director, Chasm Institute LLC


The title of this book could have easily been ACCOUNT EXECUTION. In his book, Donal lays out a pragmatic approach that makes Account Plans actionable, leveraging the benefits of and providing a roadmap on how to harvest key client relationships for sustainable and repeatable revenue.

Jim Ninivaggi, Service Director, SiriusDecisions


Finally!!! … a book that describes the best practices of Account Planning, and offers practical steps to use the most popular Salesforce support technology to implement. I love the section on trust! Account Managers and Teams should read the book, apply the concepts, and benefit from the increased revenue and improved Account relationships that will result. 

David Roberts, Assistant Professor, Sales Discipline at Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC


I have to believe Donal had a blast writing this rich, insightful, and utterly practical book. He toggles back and forth among his roles as engineer, CEO, and salesperson, expertly providing the reader with what they need to understand about Account Management – especially the fact that it isn’t just a string of sales opportunities from the same customer, as many still think. This is an eye-opener and a must-read for anyone accountable for building long-term, mutually profitable relationships with key accounts.

Dave Stein, CEO & Founder, ES Research Group, Inc.