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The Inside Track: From In-house Lawyer to Trusted Advisor

The Inside Track: From In-house Lawyer to Trusted Advisor
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ISBNs:  9781846212208 (PDF) / 2215 (ePub)
Year Published:  2019
Author:  Patrick Ambrose
ePub ebook:  10.00
PDF ebook:  10.00


When Patrick Ambrose first moved from private practice into an in-house role, he wrote an article on what he understood the in-house role to be and the key differences, as he saw them, from his former role in private practice. That article, and more that he published subsequently, became an ebook, The Inside Job: Working as an In-house Lawyer, documenting his understanding of the issues that were particular to in-house lawyers that might not be evident to those in private practice.  

In the intervening years, Patrick has worked on developing his understanding, not only of what it means to be an in-house lawyer, but also how to move beyond that functional role to becoming a trusted advisor to the business. It has been a challenging, but enjoyable, journey of discovery that has given rise to this second ebook The Inside Track: From In-house Lawyer to Trusted Advisor, documenting his understanding of how to provide better, more integrated, and value-driven support to the in-house client. 




PART 1: Managing Your Career

1: Carealism

2: Managing Up

3: Building Your Brand

PART 2: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

4: Rethinking the In-house ‘Client’

5: Work Smarter 

6: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

PART 3: The Value Challenge

7: What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Value’ 

8: Adding Value 

9: Measuring & Communicating Value

PART 4: Taking Care of the Bottom Line

10: Legal Risk Assessment & Management

11: Value Management through Project Management 

12: The Bottom Line

PART 5: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills 

13: Emotional Intelligence

14: Rust Never Sleeps

15: Finding Your Circle of Influence

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