The Pursuit of Infinity

2 March 2016  |  Admin


DANCING AT THE FOUNTAIN: CONVERSATIONS WITH WORLD-LEADING HOTELIERS / Conor KennyConor Kenny was interviewed about DANCING AT THE FOUNTAIN by Susan Pannozzo of the Hospitality Academy. The podcast of Susan's interview is available here.

The Hospitality Academy leverages Susan's 30 years of hotel experience and her network within the hospitality industry of leaders who are willing to share their extensive expertise.

Susan said: "Had this book been around in my younger days, it would have motivated me into some of the career roles, hotels and travel included in the book and inspired me to to take it a little more seriously". 

Her closing comment was: "Hopefully this book will inspire those out there now with these dreams in their head and help them to achieve those dreams".

Again, her podcast - and accompanying notes - is available at