Candy-coated Marketing author quoted

5 July 2016  |  Admin


Sheena Horgan, marketing consultant and author of CANDY-COATED MARKETING, was quoted in this story from breaking

A new survey shows only 7% of Irish parents believe their child is overweight.

That is according to the latest figures from the Pfizer Health Index published today which also shows 86% of Irish people ranked health as a top priority investment for the future.

The report questioned parents about their children's health including awareness of their weight, frequency of exercise and sleep time. 

It also found only 47% of parents reported knowing their child's weight.

Sheena Horgan is the author of ‘Candy Coated Marketing’.

She has this advice for parents: It is the being able to say no, it is looking at portion size, its looking at screen time and sedentary lifestyles.

“There is a multi faceted approach that is required to address these issues.

“It is hard for parents to say no, especially when we live in such a media saturated environment, there is an awful lot of advertising, promotions and sponsorship out there.”