Heart-warming reviews for Elizabeth Tierney's DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA

27 June 2016  |  Admin


Wonderful reviews for DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA:

I have known Elizabeth for several years. After being a chiropractor for 30 years, a hospice volunteer for 18 years and most recently lost my mother to frontal temporal dementia, I found her book to be very powerful and a definite read for anyone.

Dr. Marc Rudin

I loved Elizabeth's book. I feel it is a must read for anyone facing the incredible hurdles associated with Jim's disease and related diseases. ET would often relate her problems and the obstacles she faced but I never really understood until I read the manuscript! Physicians and caregivers alike would benefit from reading this book. People need insight in regard to how to deal with issues when they arise. DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA lets people know they are not alone and also illustrates choices that can be made to give everyone involved dignity.

Cathy Lee Cunningham

I love the cover - it looks great. It is quite ironic - the cover is very serene but the story is just the opposite. Elizabeth takes you into the depths of care giving and into the meaning of love.

Elaine Winters

I read the book in one uninterrupted sitting - it was so powerful, such a special love story and tribute to your husband Jim and the struggle you had to live and to allow him to die with dignity. As someone whose much-loved dad suffered a similarly awful illness and death, I found your story of the day-to-day challenges, the frustrations of the sometimes indifferent, thoughtless, unhelpful, baffling, medical professionals, prescriptions, systems and your need to keep battling on simply remarkable. Heroic is not too lofty a description. As someone who spent years working professionally with critical care home care nursing staff, I can state wholeheartedly that this is a book that should be required reading for health care professionals and caregivers of all kinds. We all need to be concerned with both quality of life and quality of death at its end, for ourselves and for the people we care about. Your heart shows on every page, and I wish I had known Jim better, longer. The Jim you show us through your memories and stories was obviously a wonderful person. I look forward to publication and I will be recommending your book to so many people who would benefit from reading it.

Margaret B. Hoffmann